“From the Trembling Woman to a Source of Hope”

“From the Trembling Woman to a Source of Hope”

“From the Trembling Woman to a Source of Hope”

Mrs. Alemenesh

Before Parkinson’s, I was a strong businesswoman. I worked in many businesses for many years. I had no idea about Parkinson’s disease, so I was very depressed when it started. I even asked my rural family if it might be a curse. The shake in my hand became noticeable in the market. People identified me as “the trembling woman” in the market.

At that time, I went through a lot of stress. I had no idea why or how the pain started. I went from doctor to doctor, searching for answers. After many ups and downs, I was told that my illness was Parkinson’s. When I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, I became very depressed.

I was under a lot of stress because I was staying in bed, hiding from people. I was filled with anxiety, regret, and despair. But one day, hope was renewed. A situation that restarted my life was created. I heard about the Parkinson Patient Support Organization Ethiopia, an organization established to restore hope for Parkinson’s patients. Without wasting time, I joined the organization. I found it truly refreshing.

My spirit was renewed as I exchanged experiences with other patients at the organization. I started my life anew with new hope. I learned to live my life in a new direction, letting go of my business ventures. Today, I have turned from business to church. I have been struggling with Parkinson’s symptoms, but I have even gone so far as to teach others.

I am actively participating in various social interactions. My social life, which was weakened by the hustle and bustle before my illness, has been reinvigorated. As a Protestant, I now spend most of my time in church.

I am taking my medication properly and doing physical exercises as much as I can at the physiotherapy club in the organization.

In the end, there is a huge knowledge gap in society, and a lot of work needs to be done. Many Parkinson’s patients like us are bedridden and left at home without caregivers. It would be good if everyone could help them.

Thank you.

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