Who We Are



Core values

To help PD patients and caregivers live a better life and improve their quality of life.

create opportunities and provide comprehensive support services to PD patients to live a quality life.

To create possible opportunities and provide comprehensive support service for our PD patients

Organizational Structure

Increased awareness of patients and caregivers about PD and its home management

  • Neurologists: provide regular support in treating PD patients, including phone consultation and home visits
  • Physio-therapists: supports patients five days a week
  • One Ophthalmologist: treats ten patients per week, including surgery
  • More than 100 volunteers ready for deployment

Increased engagement and commitment of private sectors and media

  • Individual/Business owners: providing financial and item donation
  • Banks : CBE and BOA provided financial support
  • Media entities started disseminated PD related news and information by their initiation

Our Team

Our Board member

Dr. Talemos Data

Board Director

Mr. Abebayehu Belay

Vice Director

Dr. Seiyd Ali

Board Member

Mis. Azeb Kebede

Board Member

Dr. Tilahun Kassa

Board Member