• Pioneering Efforts: Established as Ethiopia’s first and only organization dedicated to PD.
  • Awareness Advocacy: Successfully raised awareness about PD, contributing to increased understanding and recognition within Ethiopian society.
  • Social Integration: Minimized neglect and isolation experienced by PD patients, fostering a more inclusive environment.
  • Drug Support: Provided essential medications to 1200 patients monthly, reducing drug shortages in the country.
  • Economic Empowerment: Supported over 100 caregivers through business startup support, enhancing their livelihoods.
  • Basic Needs Assistance: Distributed diapers to 80 patients monthly, along with providing home care services to bedridden patients.
  • Infrastructure Support: Provided mobile toilets and wheelchairs to enhance mobility and accessibility.
  • Essential Supplies: Distributed food, clothing, eye glasses, and walking canes to those in need.
  • Specialized Training: Conducted training sessions for 1200 patients, equipping them with skills to manage their condition.
  • Experience Sharing: Facilitated community-building sessions for 1200 patients.
  • Therapeutic Services: Offered daily physiotherapy and speech therapy services.

Through these initiatives, the Parkinson Patients Support Organization Ethiopia has made significant strides in improving the lives of Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers, enhancing access to essential resources, and promoting a more supportive and inclusive society for those affected by the disease.