Weekly Home-to-Home Visits

Weekly Home-to-Home Visits

The weekly home-to-home visits conducted by Parkinson Ethiopia medical professionals aim to provide crucial assistance and treatment to the 85 bedridden Parkinson patients.

These visits not only offer medical care but also serve to instill hope in the bedridden individuals, contributing to the overall improvement of their health conditions. In addition to administering medical treatments, the professionals extend their support by providing necessary gifts and aid. This comprehensive approach ensures that the patients receive not only the required medical attention but also emotional and practical support to enhance their well-being.

The commitment to continuing this service on a weekly basis underscores the dedication of Parkinson Ethiopia in addressing the ongoing needs of the Parkinson patients. By establishing a consistent and regular schedule for these home visits, the organization ensures a sustained impact on the lives of those facing the challenges of Parkinson’s disease.



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