Hi, I'm Kibra Kebede.
Nice To Meet You

Kibra Kebede lived her life in the pursuit of helping others. She has left a legacy that will live on through Parkinson Patients Support Organization Ethiopia (PPSO-E) by changing the lives of PD patients, their families and caregivers to have a quality life. She is a shining light that inspired those she met and many more she did not meet at the national level. She was a courageous and kind leader who treated everyone like family, and she always had a positive attitude that encouraged everyone to push a little harder, do a little more, and smile a little bigger.

Kibra said:
"I dream of my country where our potential target Parkinson patients and their caregivers no longer live on the knife's edge of survival and ensure their life quality through creating massive awareness creation, creating access to capacity building, and providing care and support with the vital engagement of partnership both in and out of Ethiopia towards making that environment happen for the life quality of Parkinson patients. In many ways, I believe that I am a product of the Ethiopian dream, especially for Parkinson patients who have suffered from various socioeconomic and psychological challenges.

Believe me, it hasn't all been a smooth ride, and it hasn't been easy to intervene in an intervention that wasn’t even well known by the government and the public at large. There have been many difficult and trying moments along the way. From humble beginnings, PPSO-E has grown into a national community that is empowered to directly help people in need.
Today, the PPSO-E community has mobilized various amounts of funds from goodhearted individuals, the public at large, and domestic and international donors and has changed the lives of countless people with Parkinson’s. We partner with various non-profits in national and international organizations and continue to grow and have a vision of establishing the only Parkinson patient care center.
I now live with my husband and daughter in Addis Ababa, and run PPSO-E with the support of my family and our amazing team. We are all passionate about what we do, and we work hard to provide the internet's best experience for addressing people with Parkinson's like me and their caregivers, and it is my honor to request all to contribute their share in support of addressing patients' needs and towards organizing our care center as a center of excellence. I believe in this dream of serving PD patients through radical transparency, and so I've never stopped fighting for it!

+251 911 701 362
+251 911 701 362
P.O.BOX: 1531, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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