Message From The Founder

My name is Kibra Kebede I am the founder of Parkinson Patients Support Organization - Ethiopia (PPSO-E). I have been diagnosed as a Parkinson patient in 2000GC. The driving force for the formation of this organization is the lack of any kind of information about Parkinson disease in Ethiopia. At that period, I spent more than two unbearable years without knowing what my problem was.  I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did, in order to prevent this from happing in my country, I established PPSO-E.
It is a fact that Parkinson is a disease that affect all human beings irrespective race, color, sex, economic situation, geographical location, and living condition (rich or poor).The major difference between Parkinson patient living in rich country and in poor country is the availability and lack of information respectively. In rich (developed) country patients have up to date and ample information on Parkinson symptoms and treatment options. While patients living in poor (developing) country lacks all these information. In a traditional society like Ethiopia people do not know what Parkinson is and what the different symptoms are, instead they attached the different Parkinson symptoms to the work of bad spirit. They believed the cure is to go to a holy water or going to traditional healers. Going to modern health institutions was not encouraged as bad sprit is not treated by modern medicine.
Parkinson Disease (PD) patients in Ethiopia suffers by lack of information. Before PPSO-E start operation nothing is known about Parkinson and its additional problems associated with it. Realizing the suffering of PD patient in Ethiopia, PPSO – E was established in 2011GC.
The Goal of PPSO – E is for Parkinson Patients and caregiver to lead quality life. To attain its goal PPSO-E resume its work by developing three major activity.

Awareness raising

One of the major problem of PD patients and the society at large is lack of knowledge about Parkinson. The great challenge observed by PPSO-E was lack of any type of information about PD. Nothing was broadcasted in TV, FM radios, and in written media (newspapers or magazines). Thus we started using both national and regional media, to disseminate information to the whole section of the community. PPSO-E organize meetings, Parkinson walks, produce documentaries, colorful celebration of World Parkinson day, producing reading material in local language (translated from English into Amharic). All our awareness rising activities are broadcasted in TV, FM radios, and written medias. Although we manage to get an encouraging result, our coverage was limited and we are far from achieving our goal, it needs a concerted effort and more time, Hence Awareness creation will be a continuous program.

Capacity Building

Our second activity is capacity building work. We design the capacity building by giving training to Patients, care givers and other stalk holders according to their level of profession, such as
  • For PD patients on management of Parkinson disease
  • For caregiver on the proper way of caring Parkinson patients
  • For health extension workers, on how to help PD patients
  • For general practitioner Doctors and Nurses how to treat PD patients
  • For Religious leaders how to entertain {PD patient
  • For journalist how to report Parkinson disease.
Trainings were given by Neurologist Doctors. The trainee gets practical and applicable Knowledge like awareness raising, this program will continue and, training will be given for new comers.

Care and Support

Care and support is given depending on magnitude of their disease and their needs. Except training experience sharing and consultation other services are not given commonly. Since PPSO-E resume work, Parkinson patients were registered as member’s beneficiary. However, members are found to be very poor, as they do not involved income generating work,
 In this activity PD patents got several life supporting things that contribute to quality of life. These includes medicine support, physiological support, movement helping appliance support (wheel chair, walking cane, stick), Day and night cloth support, modern toilet support, consultative support physiotherapy (exercise, boxing, speech therapy) support and food items support when donation is obtained. For bed ridden patient’s house to house visit by professional nurses is given and providing tissue paper, soap and dipper on monthly basis.  Putting our capacity in mind we cover the cost of eye glass prescribed by a doctor. Even though we tried to minimize their problem, it doesn’t mean we cover all their needs, because of financial constraint, we cover, only the urgent requirement. In order to continue our work and address more PD patients your financial support is very important.
Although PD strike equally worldwide its negative impacts are worse in our country. Generally within this 10 year we brought all the changes mentioned above with strong effort and commitment. The understanding and right decision of our board, the commitment of the staffs, our donors who believe in our work and other company and individuals aid in money and moral is what lead PPSO –E to become what it is today.
We focus mainly on Addis Ababa but it’s understood that patients in other part of Ethiopia are more affected by PD than patients in Addis. So PPSO-E needs to expand into regions, given secures funds. At the same time we should start choosing places to work in.
I thank all of our supporters including the stuff for all the hard and great work, if you valued our work, I would like to ask for your continued support until the cure for Parkinson is found.
Thank You
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Nefas Silk Lafto Sub City
Lafto Taxi Mazoria Near to Abyssinia Bank ,
+251 911 70 13 62 / +251 -11 888 5402

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