goal, mission and objective

Our Goal

The overall goal of PPSO-E is works towards Parkinson Patients and their care givers must live a quality life.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create possible opportunities and provide comprehensive support service for our PD patients/members and enabling them to have quality of life through implementation of integrated development programs towards inducing change in socio-economic conditions of PD patients in the country.

Our Objectives

  • To alleviate economic, psychological and social problems of PD Patients
  • To strengthen the Family and caregiver of PD patients.
  • To improve the life of PD patients and everybody affected by PD.
  • To benefit PD patients by deducting the problems related to their quality of life,
  • To participant and benefit the community on PD issues through capacity building activities.
  • To Build the institute capacity and PD patients through mobilizing local resource by creating coordination with different community co-workers
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Nefas Silk Lafto Sub City
Lafto Taxi Mazoria Near to Abyssinia Bank
parkinsonsethiopia@gmail.com , info@parkinsonsethiopia.org
+251 911 70 13 62 / +251 -11 888 5402

Opening Hours

Monday : 8am–6pm
Tuesday : 8am–6pm
Wednesday : 8am–6pm
Thursday : 8am–6pm
Friday : 10am–4pm

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