Our Story

Our Story

Parkinson Patients Support Organization Ethiopia (PPSO–E) started its operations in 2011 after being registered by the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Organization. It was started by Kibra Kebede, dedicated Parkinson patient who was prepared to declare her status to the public and struggled to start the organization and ready to face any internal and external challenges that happened most in the country mainly due to lack of information, government attention, wider community awareness, social interaction and unfriendly and inaccessible service provision.

In order to make the wider community and the government more aware of about Signs and Symptoms, its stage, Duration, approaches needed towards avoiding certain risk factors and adopting a healthy and quality lifestyle for Parkinson community, PPSO-E and it’s beneficiary PD members with those of potential stakeholders, takes meaningful commitment and engage all the ways and time towards alleviating the wider impact of Parkinson and its deep-rooted consequences that mostly impacted quality life of PD and their livelihood.

Even if the magnitude of PD and patients are expected to be wide and not few in number at the national level, due to limited resource on hand, level of awareness and attention given for the cases; PPSO-E project implementation and operational areas are stick at the capital center of the country. However, based on the resource at hand, the organization has been meaningfully reached the PD patients across all parts of Addis Ababa.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Nefas Silk Lafto Sub City
Lafto Taxi Mazoria Near to Abyssinia Bank
parkinsonsethiopia@gmail.com , info@parkinsonsethiopia.org
+251 911 70 13 62 / +251 -11 888 5402

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