Capacity Building

Under this component we provide training to patients on disease management, care givers on the best techniques of caring PD patients,

Care and Support

PD patients are economically poor and need support not only in terms of training and information.
Awareness Raising

Awareness Raising

In order to raise the awareness of the public, & the patients in particular, PPSO-E uses various methods.

Message From the board director

Kibera Kebede

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Kibra Kebede
Board Director

Our Strengths

Our Strength

  • To alleviate economic, psychological and social problems of PD Patients
  • To strengthen the Family and caregiver of PD patients.
  • To improve the life of PD patients and everybody affected by PD.
  • To benefit PD patients by deducting the problems related to their quality of life,


Parkinson Patients Support Organization Ethiopia events

Support For PD Patients

PPSO-E Received Assistive Device Support For PD Patients

World PD Day Final Celebration

Final event have organized by PPSO-E at Eliana Hotel

April Means A Lot For Parkinson Patients In Various Aspects!

World PD Day is a great, and special worldwide occasion

World Parkinson's Day Celebration

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